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Why Red Door?

There’s a tradition that originated in Scotland that painting a door red signified that a mortgage has been completely paid off. It was a Scot’s way of telling everyone that the family home was owned outright and that no debt was owed on it.

But, why red? Why not blue, green, yellow, or something else?
Because in those days red was the most expensive colour of paint you could buy. Because you no longer had to spend money on a mortgage, you now had some free money to indulge in other things, like the most expensive colour of paint.

Although these days there is no difference in price in different colours of paint many still like to paint their front doors red after they make their last mortgage payment. It’s a way of celebrating.

And by the way the word “mortgage” originates from French law and literally means “death contract” I think we all agree that getting rid of a “death contract” is a good enough reason to celebrate!

Who We Are

Red Door Finance was founded by Lance Innes in 2005 after seeing local opportunities in residential mortgage market in the Northern NSW Region.

We are dedicated to finding solutions to every one of our client’s unique situations and strive to be the most compelling choice for exceptional service.

Using our intricate understanding of the residential and commercial lending environment and our expertise

we will design the solution that meets your individual situation and need, every time.

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